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A conglomeration of "off the wall" and random things I come across in life.

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Why GiveLoveCreate?

The idea of GiveLoveCreate is to build a place for me to express my creative self. I have spent a lifetime wrestling with the need to discover, create, and express the ideas and emotions within me. As stated in the "About" section, this isn't a portfolio or a curriculum vitae. It is a messy, personal journal of art, ideas, and interesting curiosities.

I love learning and reading. Seeking truth and wisdom lie at the core of who I am. I want to know what is true. I want to do what is right. And I want to leave this world knowing that I at least attempted to make it a little better place.

Give. Love. Create. is an attempt to accomplish this goal. The three-word title of this site bears the core ideas of what I believe to be an excellent way to bring about a better society. These three words were placed together as the title because they are action words. Clear, concise, simple actions that any human being can do.

Give. Love. Create.

I don't care what tools or means one uses to perform these actions. It doesn't matter. It's not hard at its core. As humans, we tend to overcomplicate things and lose focus, but by simply choosing to do all three actions, you bring about positive change. It's that simple. If we make these actions our purpose in life, then, no matter our paths, we will create good in our world.