Cactus Small Pot


As part of my personal "GIVE" action plan, I've assembled a catalog of free clip art images. These images and clip art are a part of my long career in art and design. I've created a lot of work that has got unused for one reason or another. Some of the work was just practicing my craft, some were parts of projects that got scrapped for some reason or another, and others are just fun little creations that have popped into my head over the years. All of these images are free to use. Maybe they can act as a spark for your creativity or become part of a project or design of yours. No matter the reason, feel free to download what you need and share or link to my work so others can also benefit. In doing so, we can grow this chain of giving and create a tiny bit more good in our world.

Right now, this catalog is a small sample, but my goal is to create a robust and continuously updated space for folks to find, download, and use all the free clip art images they would like.

Also, if you are looking for something specific or impossible to find, feel free to contact me. I am always looking to collaborate and bring the best ideas of others to fruition.

Peppermint Candy Canes


A variety of Christmas clip art and images. Use these free holiday themed images to celebrate the Christmas holidays. Free images include Christmas tree ornaments, candy canes, a snowman, and soon to be much more.

Christmas Clip Art Page...

Skulls & Crossbones


Skull & Crossbones Clip Art wearing a variety of accessories. Skulls with sunglasses, shades, hair bows. There is a "too cool to be dead" kinda vibe. Free clip art of skulls in aviators, shutter shades, and polka dot bows.

Skull & Crossbones Clip Art Page...

DJ Cat


Feel the the hot beats of the one and only party animal DJ Cat! A fun, colorful party vibe with DJ Cat mixing it up on the turntables.

DJ Cat Clip Art Page...