Camera Photos

Collection of photos

This is a small curated collection of photos I have taken over the years. Some are snapshots of spontaneity, beauty, or inspiration. Others capture an instant idea or concept. These are moments in time along my creative journey that I bothered to document for whatever reason or purpose. The only common theme among them is the person behind the lens.

P.S. I do not claim to be a photographer. I use the camera as a visual journaling tool and the photo as an instrument when crafting my work.

Begonia Skull Wall

Death by Begonias

Photo by M. Dain

Leaf Man Photo

A Part, Apart Photo

A sketch on a leaf and photo by M. Dain

M Dain Pink Cloud Photo

Pink Cloud

Photo by M. Dain

Blessing of the Bulls Photo

Blessing of the Bulls

Oaxaca, Mexico

Photo by M. Dain

Pine on Black Photo

Pine on Black

A photo I arranged using an unfinished painting as a backdrop for some pine tree branches.
Photo by M. Dain

Florence Italy Photo

Duomo di Firenze

Florence, Italy

Photo of the city of Florence and the Duomo di Firenze

Soto Houston Immersion

Soto Houston Immersion

Photo by M. Dain