Collection of sketches

Collection of Sketches

A random selection of sketches, journal pages, etc., that I have created over the years. The mediums are diverse, and the work is unfinished. Sketching is the craft and practice of art. Sketches are where ideas are born, where skills are acquired, and the dialogue of creating begins. Sketches are the remnants of great works, or moments, lest forgotten, or simply poor ideas to begin with. But, no matter. The sketch is an essential part of the artistic journey. And I would argue, the most vulnerable, truthful, and valuable work of an artist's life.

Love U Rocks Sketch

Love U Rocks Sketch

An illustration of a hand making the sign for "I Love You".

Pencil on paper

Woman Portriat Charcoal

Portrait of a Woman

A study of the female portrait.

Charcoal on Large Format Paper

M Dain St. Basil's Cathedral Drawing

Saint Basil's Cathedral

A colored pencil drawing of Saint Basil's Cathedral in the Red Square of Moscow.

Colored Pencil
8" x 11"

M Dain charcoal sketch of Man Reclining

Reclining Man

Figure study of male in a reclining position.

Charcoal on Large Format Paper

Colored Pencil Affinity

At a young age, I took great interest in colored pencils. During my teen years, I worked almost exclusively with Prismacolor. There were years when everything I created was done in colored pencil. I enjoyed the vibrant colors and the speed at which one can work; no drying time! When I look back, I think the precision and the exactness I could give my shapes and lines are what drew me to the medium. I enjoyed the task of perfect blends and always attempted to remove as much of the pencil stroke as possible.